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Need to talk to a friend? It's not easy to open up but sometimes even our closest friends are hard to talk to. Tikal is here to hear you and help find best solutions together.

1. Just Call


Click the CALL TIKAL link on this page and catch Tikal wherever she is. She'll find a time to discuss with you whatever mental setbacks you are experiencing.

2. Need to talk again?


Send her a message and let her know you'd like to talk some more. Go deeper or start a practice. 

If you received crucial help, consider if you can make a donation before making this next call. It's OK if you can't at this time.

3. Share to a Friend in Need


Let your friend know that they are welcome to call. Just share this page with them.

It's OK for you to share my number - I made it as a HOTLINE for us,

This is a free friendly service.

Tikal can offer presence for those who want to learn to know who they are.

4. Give Your Testimonial


Has it been helpful to talk? Are you starting to feel some love for yourself? Or have things changed within like never before?!

Share your words or video here

Tell the world, your experience may help transform someone else's life into a marvel.

5. Mind Gardening


Sometimes our highs can make us fall our lowest. It's not over yet, it's a journey. So keep yourself strong and keep growing stronger. Strength is emotional, mental and spiritual fitness. Each aspect of being will bring balance, ease and joy. First we must establish peace with the self as a foundation.

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R.Y.S.E. Rewild Your Sovereign Expression

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Tikal offers circles & ceremonies by donation and for free so as many can experience their sovereign self.

We start by changing ourselves. Tikal believes when everyone knows their self then the tipping point will happen when people remember how to communicate with respect, love and understanding.

We are accepting all donations to keep spreading the circles, ceremonies and workshops internationally to the UK,  Berlin, USA, Hawaii, South Africa, Indonesia, and many more. 

Help by making a donation towards the act of empowering people to find their power, to live by their truth, and to grow with true power

in Sovereignty and in emotional health. 

Let's have authenticity and true love take over the world!

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Tikal is working hard on creating powerful collaborations with key people, talented musicians and powerful life coaches to bring the best possible game changing and wild experiences for us all!


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