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About Intuitive Singing & Sovereign Expression

To bring community to another level. To come together in a circle, an act considered sacred by the elders and ancient lores. Circles bring a climate of collaboration and healthy communication. What is the voice? What is true Sovereignty? Do you wonder about your soul voice? How do we use it, on a daily basis, in our minds and in our relations at home, at work, at large. These are questions we will be asking and basking in while we explore through age old techniques the power of the voice. For one to arrive in their truth, in their authentic expressions, in their sovereign expression, their temple of peace & power is like a mission accomplished in itself. 

We offer a space to explore your true siege of power, and your intuitive voice with great energy and sacred respect. 

What's your mission? What makes you tick? Not having a mission does not mean you're not already on one. Not knowing what it is can be a tremendous and deep journey of self discovery. 

If you've been on your mission and need a boost in confidence or a foundation to build more purpose from, then you've come far. Perhaps you have all that you need but are missing just spending time with friends and making music, then you too are welcome! Maybe you won't find you mission or purpose in life on one of these circles but you will connect and I'm delighted to greet you in this way.

Get to Know Tikal

Tikal intutive voice sound Healing meditation music

The “Ring of Fire” is her home. China, Peru, Zimbabwe offered intimate meetings with their medicine men and women.

Later on between 2016 and 2017, initiated into the journey of drumming and Bana Kuma (sacred altering) also recovering from a profoundly cathartic embrace with depression and weaving through boundless soul-level grief, she has led herself and continues to -with the guidance of her ancestors voice and mentors to forge the vocation, and give example-ship, helping human beings to recover their true voice, remember their Sovereignty (personal power), engage in right relationship with their Self & Community (to practice facing emotions with grace and Response-ability, to engage in authentic communication and transparency), and therefore act forevermore accordingly.

She has traveled to Hawaii, to France and soon to New Mexico to play and celebrate. It is an honor for her to offer her bana kuma as a token of appreciation and a gift to the community for the monumental teachings that the BANA KUMA philosophy and way of life has brought to the world. 

For the more to come!

Extend Your Investigations

Sound healing, Massage, Sound meditation, Anantaboga Bodysoul with Tikal De Meru

Anantaboga Bodysoul is our first portal for our sound meditations and massage meditation practices, a unique apapproach to massage which Tikal's specialty is called Dragon Massage, named in collaboration with the Naga Anantaboga. Offering workshops for adding hours to your massage experience with Tikal's guidance. Learn Dragon routines and techniques.

"L.i.v.e in Sovereignty" Facebook group to participate in discussions or inspiring posts on living in our sovereign power, intuitive singing & music.

The Sovereign Voice page on Facebook is the portal to this new life coaching work. Here we play with the ecstatic and empowered self to unveil the sovereign self. Find all events on this page and get notified by following or clicking like to help others find the portal.

Bana Kuma philosophy, the sacred altering and manifestation of our sovereign and creative thoughts. Tikal has been involved since 2016 and is still in a life long training. Join the family!

Sound Wave, created by Katie Undrwood, a sound meditation yearly event that Tikal is a main sound healer for. Attend the next one!

DMTFM trio with Agustian Supriatna and Craigus McVegas, Tikal weaves poetry and ancient voices to take the journey beyond time and space into temples of great emotive theatres.

AIAA Australia Indonesian Arts Association, is responsible for Harmony Day festival and bringing artists from overseas to Australia with sponsorship. Tikal is part of the board members and has brought Indonesian artists to Australia for collaborations. Have a project along the lines of indigenous and empowerment?



Find your true power and emotional strength, know your self by personal experience, and contribute to the world with your innate gift and true potential. Together we create a meaningful change in our now expanding community.

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