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Experience your depth and the burning medicine of an ecstatic voice

What is the voice? What's singing? What is it that you have to give to the world? What's important to you? How will your action impact your community? What are you bringing to our children? Where have you been giving most thought to? Why are you doing what you do? 

We all have amazing potential and have greatness in us that we may be underestimating, misconceiving or using to our own detriment. What if we could communicate with our soul in a more peaceful way? What if we could engage in more meaningful ways? What if we could be more authentic with others? What if we could generate and inspire profound change in someone's life simply by being more present for them?

Together we work and play to unlock the music of the soul, the voice, the spirit of living fully! we tap consciously into the sacred wild and wise being that already is.. We weave together in a sonic temple of mystical voice to celebrate creation in all its splendor. With great responsibility, fierce loving and a total sovereign choice.

If you've wanted to sing but were told not to, if you've wondered about how to use your voice or even pondered upon how your words and thoughts manifest your reality, coming to our circles or requesting for a private singing session will greatly feed your thirst not only for experience but for answers. First we have to ask the questions! And answer with honesty.

Tikal will support anyone individually as well as in private groups with great enthusiasm ~ have a question? get in touch !


Our Examplar

Artist, singer song writer who's vision is aligned with the mystery school's "know thyself" teachings and mission. She is playing a role on impacting and revolutionizing the act of singing and realizing the meanings of sovereignty. 

Tikal leads voice groups with fierce loving and deep understanding. Under the RYSE banner and within her group singing circles formerly known as The L.I.V.E (Liberated Intuitive Voice) in Prayer & Meditation, she offers life changing experiences for those who seek and are hungry for truth. These are empowering circles grounded on the spirit of community and on the basis of soulful listening, mind gardening, rewilding and intuitive music making.


Taught by celestial ancestors of Persia, Mongolia and Tibet, India, and Java and self taught, she has brought an experiential form of teaching forged in Fire flame and molded in Icy Waters after a sequence of initiatory events.

Raised in Java, an island of mystical spirit music in the active Ring of Fire., she further developed her journey in Bali, an island populated by Javanese kings and warrior descendants who kept their intricate rituals secretly alive during the Islamic conquest and have now become the Balinese tradition. To this day the descendants are honoring their ancestors through ritual. In 2007, Tikal ventured with Don Kestembetsa and the sacred vine spirits in Peru whom exampled the application of ancient codes in sound through visions but also through the shamanic vocal instrument: the primary medium of expression she later found to be the primordial emotive communication "device". Initiated into the Whale totem, carrier of ancient sounds in 2014 by White Star, medicine woman and medium of the Cherokee and Pawnee immediate descent, she has honored the profound medicine of the e-motions - energy in motion - which led to forge the aforementioned teaching methods and leadership within the sovereign voice circles. She is currently being initiated by the one and only musician & medium Chris Berry in the ways of Zimbabwean mediumship in New Mexico and practicing the Bana Kuma philosophy which focuses on Sacred Altering & thoughts becoming reality since 2016.



Our Community

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"It's about us singing together, not just me" 

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Find your true power in our group singing tribal voice workshop and your emotional strength. Get to know your self, sing your personal experience, and contribute to the world with your innate gift and true potential. Together we create a meaningful change in our expanding community.




Co-creator of DMTFM music project. A weave of soaring vocals and improvised poetry in Indonesian and French. 

Deep contemplative sound meditation. 

"A natural stream of profound spiritual contemplation and exquisite word-crafting."


Listen on the DMTFM Music Project 

bandcamp here

Guest Musician on the Mother Ocean Eco Arts Tour 2019. An awareness tour project by the humanitarian collective of Mongolia to protect the sacred lake Khovsghol's community of Reindeer people, shamans and cultures dependent on the lake.

YouTube DMTFM footage "opening ceremony Ulanbaatar"


Link to the The Eco-Arts tour Non-Profit Facebook Page

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Get Tikal's Shapeshifter album now and get transported in ancient realms for deep meditation and inspiration to an intuitive voice practitioner.

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